Do Eyelashes Grow Back

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Can eyelashes grow back? This is a question that many a woman and probably a few men have asked. Do eyelashes grow back again? What causes eyelashes to fall out in the first place?

What are the best ways to take care of and ensure you grow healthy, thick lashes? What things should you avoid to keep your eyelashes growing?

These questions are the reason many of you have visited this website and you are looking for information on eyelash regrowth and ways to improve the look of your eyelashes as well as best ways to keep lashes healthy & looking fantastic.

What is the purpose of our eyelashes?

What are eyelashes?

Eyelashes are one of the first things that many people notice about the eyes, particularly on a female. Long luxurious, thick and full lashes are something that most all women wish for and desire in order to feel more sensual and attractive. Eyelashes really help to accentuate the eyes on a female and even help draw attention to male eyes.

Eyelashes are meant to help protect the eyes from dust, dirt and debris that may try to enter the eyes. They are a series of individual hair follicles that are found along the outer edges of our upper and lower eyelids.

Eyelashes are not only found on humans but are also found in the animal kingdom on many animals like camels, horses, cows etc. not for their beauty, but mainly for the purpose of protecting the animals eyes from dirt, dust and debris.