How to Get Your Eyelashes to Grow Back and Be Healthy

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How do i get my eyelashes to grow backHow Do I Get My Eyelashes to Grow Back & Keep Lashes Healthy

How do i get my eyelashes to grow back and how can I keep them healthy? It’s a question that many women (and some men) have at times asked themselves. Having long eyelashes is considered to be very attractive by very many people. There are people who have long eyelashes, and others have short. Eyelashes make the eyes look beautiful.

Very many people with short eyelashes desire long ones, so they keep looking for ways of increasing eyelash growth. There are some tips below that such people can follow to make their eyelashes grow bigger and better and stay healthier.


Growing Healthy Lashes by Eating a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy food is important if you want to grow your eyelashes & eyebrows. Nutrition is not only important for the body but for healthy eyelashes too. Your diet should consist of a lot of proteins and vitamins.

Vitamin B6, silica, carotene, zinc and magnesium are the best nutrients found in food for strengthening eyelashes. Seaweed and fish are the best sources of these minerals. Carotene is mainly found in carrots, and if you eat plenty of them, you will benefit a lot.


Moisturizing Naturally To Encourage Eyelash Growth

Like the skin, the eyelashes also need to be moisturized. Applying olive oil or Vaseline on them before going to sleep every day encourages their growth. The common vitamin E cream that is usually used in repairing the skin helps to grow eyelashes.


Conditioners and Growth Enhancers for Eyelashes

These eyelash growth products accelerate the speed in which the eyelashes grow. These products are only effective after six weeks of use. There will be a big difference in the length and thickness of the eyelashes. The most sensitive parts of the body are the eyes. Tests have been done, and it has been proven that the natural creams cause no irritation to eyes. When applying these creams, do it the same way you apply eyeliner to the eyes.


The Artificially Long Eyelashes

Artificially long eyelashes are a temporary way of increasing your eyelashes length. These eyelashes are attached to the natural eyelashes, and they fall off after six weeks. Buying these artificial lash products is a risk because some of the treatments they use are extremely dangerous to the skin and health in general. They are not cheap if you have to keep using them on a regular basis.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Lashes

Living a healthy daily lifestyle is good in that new cells develop and the eyelashes grow very fast. Living healthily involves sleeping for enough hours and eating the right quantity of food at the right time.

Things that Can Hinder Healthy Growth:

Try to limit or stop all together, Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and other drugs as these things can be/are harmful to the body. Your eyelashes will not grow if you consume too much of these toxic substances.


Massage Therapy

Massaging any part of the body is known to be effective in improving the blood circulation. When you go to the massager to get your eyes massaged, blood flows easily and freely to the various parts of the eyes. More blood flow means more nutrients are brought. Nutrients taken to the eyelashes are for promoting growth and strength so that they do not fall. Speeding up the growth process of eyelids will need a daily massage routine for your eyelids for a long period.